Success Stories

Mrs. Sharp is the best! It was hard work but worth it. I feel better about my reading and I have good work habits because of the tutoring. And I went from a kindergarten level to a high third grade level in one year.

- James, 10

...My son, who had dyslexia, was struggling with reading. He was starting third grade and I worried that if we didn't find something to help soon, he would struggle not only with reading but also with his self esteem for the rest of his life. Ann worked with him an hour a day and brought him up to a third grade level. He developed great work habits, found a tremendous increase in confidence, and discovered what it feels like to accomplish something great.

- Patti, mother of a son with dyslexia

I think Dr. Sharp is really fun and positive. She helped me learn to read and made me feel so proud of myself! Now I am not embarrassed when I have to read out loud in a group.

- Curtis, 12

Instructional Tools

The Superhero Training Center (STC) will meet the needs of struggling readers in a multidimensional program that features a mix of research proven commercial materials coupled with a unique STC approach. The instructional resources have been carefully selected because of their proven effectiveness, their motivating qualities, and their ability to meet individual needs.

Instructional Tools used by STC:

Reading Horizons is both an instructional supplemental program and an interactive software program. The program systematically and explicitly teaches the rules necessary for decoding and spelling through a multi-sensory approach, which provides mastery through practice in five phonetic rules and two decoding rules. The program is based on the Orton Gillingham system, and has received excellent ratings from Florida Center for Reading Research as a supplemental phonics program. It is developed and distributed by Reading Horizons.

Read Naturally is a fluency development program that is geared to helping children read quickly and with expression. Most struggling readers have fluency problems and spend little time reading. The Read Naturally program combines three powerful strategies for improving fluency: Teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring. Read Naturally has been scientifically based and can be purchased from Read Naturally, Inc in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It comes with CD’s that go with the reading selections.

Reading Success Lab products are targeted at children and adults who have struggled in learning to read. These products include tools to identify the source of a reading problem, to help a readers successfully overcome their reading problems, and to tailor intervention activities to the particular needs of the reader. Reading Success Lab is designed to develop automatic word recognition. These exercises help strengthen decoding, fluency, and vocabulary skills. It is administered via computer with immediate progress reports.

Early and Next Steps Tutorial These tutoring programs use certified teachers and para educators to work one-on-one with first, second and third graders who are struggling. The goal of the programs is to identify and remedy reading problems. These techniques have been used with great success at the University of Utah Reading Clinic, the Howard Street Tutoring Center, and is based on scientific research based principles.

Systematic Engaging Early Literacy instruction (SEEL) has been developed to meet the needs of very young children and provide young children with the necessary phonological and phonemic awareness training needed for successful reading and writing. SEEL is different from other early literacy approaches, because it is not a program. SEEL is based on five scientifically based principles that have been proven to be effective with young emergent readers. They are:

  1. orchestrate interactive, social conversations
  2. make instruction explicit
  3. make instruction intense
  4. keep children engaged and motivated
  5. make instruction meaningful.
Lessons are located on the SEEL web site through Brigham Young University.

Reading Materials:

  • ISEESAM are designed to systematically and incrementally take a child from novice reader to proficient. This series will be used to help our pre primer readers.
  • From primer level through 2.2, tutoring relies heavily on selected stories to give struggling readers necessary reading material that has meaningful text and offers controlled vocabulary that gradually increases in difficulty. Old basal books from Laidlaw, Houghton Mifflin Reading, Holt Basic Reading, etc accomplish this very well and are used for this purpose.
  • Leveled trade books that include both expository and narrative types are used for reading practice for 3.0 level and up. The selection of trade books is drawn from a recommended list authored by the University of Utah’s Reading Clinic. Trade books are good for higher levels of reading because
    1. A belief that once readers are at a 2.2 reading level they are capable of less controlled vocabulary
    2. The need to have older readers reading a variety of interesting and stimulating material.
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