Success Stories

Mrs. Sharp is the best! It was hard work but worth it. I feel better about my reading and I have good work habits because of the tutoring. And I went from a kindergarten level to a high third grade level in one year.

- James, 10

...My son, who had dyslexia, was struggling with reading. He was starting third grade and I worried that if we didn't find something to help soon, he would struggle not only with reading but also with his self esteem for the rest of his life. Ann worked with him an hour a day and brought him up to a third grade level. He developed great work habits, found a tremendous increase in confidence, and discovered what it feels like to accomplish something great.

- Patti, mother of a son with dyslexia

I think Dr. Sharp is really fun and positive. She helped me learn to read and made me feel so proud of myself! Now I am not embarrassed when I have to read out loud in a group.

- Curtis, 12


The reading field abounds in information, both good and poor, concerning instructional approaches for struggling readers and dyslexics. While working on my degrees, my professors often referred to the plethora of misinformation as slick oil, because it is often packaged in testimonials and appealing rhetoric. Since there is a lot of misinformation out there about reading, and reading issues, we have listed for you some websites and other resources that you can go to for answers. These resources come from academically qualified authorities you can trust.

I can trust!

Professional Journals

Reading Research Quarterly

Scientific Studies of Reading

Exceptional Children

The Journal of Special Education

National Reading Panel Resources

National Institute of Health and Human Development

Putting Reading First: The research building blocks for Teaching Children to Read



Comprehensive/Skills Based:




Comprehension Intervention Strategies:

FCRR Story Retell Model instRoutines_1CRMESIS.pdf

Graphic Organizers

Group Strategies #Reading

IRIS Reading Comprehension Strategy CSR


Jabberwocky explanation

KWL @@BEE1C92248190EA41172760BEC08503D/ courses/1/CJS242-20091-1/content/_2492028_1/KWL%20GroupReadingMethod.doc

Mental Imagery: Improving Text Recall mentalimg.php

Questioning Strategies

Sq3R Reading Strategy

Using Poetry to develop Literacy Hughes.pdf


AIMS web

Big Idea in Reading Fluency

Big Idea in Reading Fluency 2


U of U Reading Clinic – Fluency

Oral Language:

English Language Learners ¡Coloríng Colorado! Resources

Utah State Website for ESL

Utah State Standards for ESL EnglishLanguageLearnersPS.pdf

Phonemic Awareness:

Big Ideas in Beginning Reading


Reading Horizons

Putting it all together:

FCRR guide for Kindergarten Classrooms

FCRR guide for Fourth and Fifth Grade Classrooms

Research External Links:

FCRR guide for reviewing Core Reading programs

Florida Center for Reading Research

Florida Center for Reading Research Supplemental programs evaluation

Free Lesson Plans and Materials from Verizon

Free Reading Resources

Guide for reviewing Core Reading Programs

Intervention Central (RTI & Interventions)

IRIS Center at Vanderbilt University

Oregon Reading First

Reading Rocket Website

SEDL Reading Resources

Summary of Florida schools with effective reading programs teachingAllStudentsToReadSummary.pdf

University of Oregon Big Ideas in Reading

University of Utah Reading Clinic

U of O Review of Core Reading Programs

USOE English Language Learners Proficiency Standards EnglishLanguageLearnersPS.pdf

USOE Secondary Language Arts Curriculum

Response to Intervention:

Response to Intervention practices report What Works Clearning House and Institute of Education Science rti_reading_pg_021809.pdf

Reviewing Reading Programs:

Florida Center for Reading Research Core Program review

Florida Center for Reading Research Supplemental programs evaluation

University of Oregon Core Curriculum Review

Textbook Websites:

Florida Center for Reading Research teachingAllStudentsToReadSummary.pdf

Review of Comprehensive Reading Programs (2004). Retrieved April 6, 2007, University of Oregon, Oregon Reading First Center Web Site:

Vanderbilt University: Iris Center;

Suggested Websites

Writing Traits 6+1 Resources:


FCRR 2nd Grade lesson on using Prefixes instRoutines_2VBWP.pdf

FCRR K-5 resources for vocabulary Center for Reading Research

Florida Center for Reading Research Vocabulary interventions Grades K-1

Florida Center for Reading Research Vocabulary interventions Grades 2-3

Vocabulary interventions Grades 4-5


Definition and Rational for Self Regulated Strategy Development

IRIS Center POW+TREE SRSD Strategy

IRIS: Writing Expository Essay Strategy

Narrative Text Writing Univ Texas Austin

NWREL Writing Assessment

Writing Next US Ed Report

National Dyslexia Resources:

Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity founded by Bennett & Sally Shaywitz

The Fordham Institute
"Whole Language Hi Jinks" (get Adobe) by Dr. Louisa Moats

"Fluency: Achieving true mastery..." (get Adobe) by Carl Binder, Elizabeth Haughton & Barbara Bateman

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