Success Stories

Ann is really fun and happy and made reading like a game. I used to cry when I tried to read. Now I love learning to read!

- Laura, 8

...I was at a point of despair not knowing how to properly help my 4 dyslexic children. We had tried so many things, but none of it seemed to be working. Then we found Ann! She taught me the proper way to help each of my children and the right programs to use (and they have worked!) She has changed our family forever...

- Melissa, mother of 5

When my son was 14, he still could hardly read simple 3 letter words, even after using other interventions for many years. He is a severe dyslexic with short term memory issues, and reading seemed almost an impossibility. After implementing all that Ann has taught us, he jumped up to a 4th grade reading level and is steadily improving. We have learned the importance of using research based programs. They really work!

- Michelle, mother of a happy son who can finally read

R.I.S.E. Institute for Literacy R.I.S.E. Institute for Literacy, (Research, Instruction, Sharing Information, Education) - Logo

The R.I.S.E. Institute for Literacy (Research, Instruction, Supply Information, Education) is a not-for-profit organization. R.I.S.E. was created with four purposes in mind. Our mission is to:

  1. provide struggling readers, non readers, and English language learners access to reading by using instruction that focuses on individual needs, and draws from scientifically based research
  2. inform the public of important issues surrounding literacy
  3. supply valuable resources and information to teachers, administrators, and parents to strengthen their efforts with struggling readers.
  4. afford opportunities for experts to research literacy topics thereby helping to advance the field.

These four purposes are more specifically outlined as follows:

  1. R.I.S.E will be a resource for improving reading, dba – Superhero Training Center (STC)
    1. Assessment driven (diagnostic assessments, pre and post assessments, progress monitoring)
    2. Tutoring using intense, focused strategy instruction
      1. one-on-one
      2. one-on-four
    3. Training for
      1. Preschool children: focus on prerequisite reading skills such as rhyming, alliteration, concept of print, story enactments
      2. Kindergarteners: focus on rhyming, phonemic awareness, and letter knowledge
      3. 1st – 2nd grade: focus on phonics, fluency training, vocabulary building, comprehension
      4. 3rd grade on up: focus on study skills, literacy circles, vocabulary building, phonics, fluency training, speaking, writing
      5. English Language Learners: oral language proficiency, vocabulary building, phonics, comprehension, fluency training
      6. Kids tutoring kids: set up older children as volunteers to help younger children (works if both the older and younger are struggling readers)
      7. Adult classes: designed to improve reading, writing, and speaking skills and preserve dignity
  2. R.I.S.E will be a resource for dissemination of information
    1. Newsletters
    2. News column in local newspaper
    3. Website
    4. Webinars
    5. Lectures
  3. R.I.S.E will be a resource for Education
    1. Parent seminars designed to teach:
      1. about book selection on appropriate child’s reading level.
      2. how to correct a child when he or she has made a reading error.
      3. how to provide fluency training for their child.
      4. How to make and use word study kits.
      5. phonics training at home.
  4. Teacher workshops that provide training in:
    1. Reading Horizons
    2. Next Steps
    3. Wilson
  5. R.I.S.E will be a resource for research by:
    1. studying our own practice.
    2. helping move research in literacy issues forward.
    3. inviting researchers from universities to conduct research.
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