Success Stories

I think Dr. Sharp is really fun and positive. She helped me learn to read and made me feel so proud of myself! Now I am not embarrassed when I have to read out loud in a group.

- Curtis, 12

Almost everything comes easily for me, except for reading. It is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. But working with Ann and Reading Horizons has made all the difference. I am finally learning to read!

- Scott, 10

Ann was fabulous at training me and my son in these reading programs. But more than that, I really love the way she taught me to interact with him so that it built his self esteem and helped him not be so frustrated with his dyslexia. She has such an amazing way of connecting with children and inspiring them. Her example has been so appreciated. I could not have done this without her.

- Lisa, mother of a struggling reader

Learning to Read in Orem Utah

Instruction that works!

Your first step in helping your child overcome his reading problems takes place when you schedule an appointment for an initial assessment. The assessment will help us determine what literacy skills your child has or lacks. After the assessment your child will be given instruction that best suits his or her needs. From the very first lesson students coming to the Superhero Training Center (STC) receive instruction that focuses on oral language proficiency, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension; six critical and necessary components to becoming a successful reader.

Find your inner superhero,
become a successful reader!

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How Frequently Should My Child Take Lessons?

Enrollment requires two lessons regularly scheduled per week. Two lessons per week allow your child the desired repetitions that support significant improvement. Our Superhero Training Center offers reading lessons 4 days a week (Tuesday thru Friday) during convenient after-school hours for Kindergarteners on up.

Preschool Reading lessons are offered in the mornings. Parents, you are encouraged to join your preschooler. There is so much you can learn by attending that can then be used at home to extend your preschooler’s learning.

Some struggling readers benefit from more than two lessons a week. After we spend some time with a new student, we will let you know if a more frequent schedule is necessary.

Parent training, specialty classes, and seminars are offered on Saturdays for a nominal fee.

Is There Additional Reading Homework?

Yes! Most teachers encourage their students to read 15-20 minutes every day. We too encourage this practice, but always with someone that will listen to them read! Those 15-20 minutes can be the same 15-20 minutes their teacher requires.

We adhere to the saying that reading should only be done on the days you eat!

In addition to reading out loud to someone, a 3-5 minute fluency exercise specially prepared for your child a long with sight word practice is highly recommended. The 20-30 minutes a night your child spends using these activities (reading aloud, fluency training, and sight word practice) will go a long way in helping your child over learn skills and substantially boost progress!

Find your inner superhero,
become a successful reader!

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