Success Stories

I think Dr. Sharp is really fun and positive. She helped me learn to read and made me feel so proud of myself! Now I am not embarrassed when I have to read out loud in a group.

- Curtis, 12

Almost everything comes easily for me, except for reading. It is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. But working with Ann and Reading Horizons has made all the difference. I am finally learning to read!

- Scott, 10

Ann was fabulous at training me and my son in these reading programs. But more than that, I really love the way she taught me to interact with him so that it built his self esteem and helped him not be so frustrated with his dyslexia. She has such an amazing way of connecting with children and inspiring them. Her example has been so appreciated. I could not have done this without her.

- Lisa, mother of a struggling reader

Progress Is Important Because Reading Is Important

We Stay on Top of Our Students' Progress

At the Superhero Training Center we carefully monitor your child’s reading progress, because if instruction isn't working, a different instructional approach should be taken. We use research-based standardized assessments and performance-based tools to determine if your child is making progress. We track both decoding and fluency skills regularly througout the entire time you child comes to the center.

During a typical progress monitoring session a child will read a list of non-words and then an unfamiliar passage aloud, both within a one-minute time period. The reading teacher takes notes on how many non-words and passage words are read accurately.

The Superhero Training Center believes that assessments should be used responsibly and properly. Assessments are valuable as educational tools and are used at the center to inform practice, guide instruction, and ensure that your child is receiving the specific instruction he or she needs. Proper administration of assessments provides accurate documentation of your child's success and also helps us monitor progress.

Parental Reports

We believe that parents are our greatest progress monitors! You are in the best position to really know what progress your child is making. When you relay the good news to us we too share in the joy.

As a struggling reader or a parent of a struggling reader, you probably are much more aware of how important reading is for you to be successful. Reading affects so many facets of our life. Overcoming reading problems is not a quick and easy fix. It takes hard work, practice, and persistence. When progress is made it changes ordinary people into superheroes. This is the type of progress that keeps us all working hard at the Superhero Training Center.

Here are a few of the superhero stories that have been shared by the parents of students we've been privileged to train.

One mother tells of how her special needs daughter spends hours reading books when before she had been unable to read at all. The mother had thought that her daughter would never be able to learn how to read, and although she has not yet reached grade levels, she is reading and loving it!

After much hard work, a young fourth grader with dyslexia wanted to show how much he had improved. He picked up a book about cars (he was crazy about cars) and began to read without hesitation and without stumbling. His mother looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "My son's confidence has grown so much. He is a different person!"

Another struggling reader was asked by his school teacher what he was doing to improve so fast. She had placed him in the lowest reading group at the beginning of the year and he had moved up to the top group before the year was over. When he told her he was being tutored, she was so impressed with his progress that she called to see how she could learn the techniques we had been using.

A mom once thanked us for restoring peace to her after school hours. Her homework help sessions were every night and they usually came with opposition, frustration, and occasional tears. She shared that since her daughter has been in tutoring, she hardly ever needs her Mom’s help anymore and is getting top marks in her classes at school.

Reports like these are why we do what we do. We thrill each time someone shares their success story. Everyday at the Superhero Training Center there are superheroes in the making!

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