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I think Dr. Sharp is really fun and positive. She helped me learn to read and made me feel so proud of myself! Now I am not embarrassed when I have to read out loud in a group.

- Curtis, 12

Ann is really fun and happy and made reading like a game. I used to cry when I tried to read. Now I love learning to read!

- Laura, 8

Almost everything comes easily for me, except for reading. It is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. But working with Ann and Reading Horizons has made all the difference. I am finally learning to read!

- Scott, 10

Dr. Ann Sharp is truly an angel to me and my children! I was at a point of despair not knowing how to properly help my 4 dyslexic children. We had tried so many things, but none of it seemed to be working. Then we found Ann! She lovingly picked us up and turned us around. She taught me the proper way to help each of my children and the right programs to use (and they have worked!) She taught my children with such love and kindness, and she nurtured their confidence and self esteem. I was concerned that my 15 year old son might not respond positively to a reading teacher (because he had already been through so much and still could hardly read) but Ann is now one of his most favorite people! She has changed our family forever, and we love her!

- Melissa, mother of 5

Ann was fabulous at training me and my son in these reading programs. But more than that, I really love the way she taught me to interact with him so that it built his self esteem and helped him not be so frustrated with his dyslexia. She has such an amazing way of connecting with children and inspiring them. Her example has been so appreciated. I could not have done this without her.

- Lisa, mother of a struggling reader

I asked my 16 year old son, Coley, to tell me his feelings about Ann and what she has done for him. He smiled and said, "I love her!" When Coley was 14, he still could hardly read simple 3 letter words, even after using other interventions for many years. He is a severe dyslexic with short term memory issues, and reading seemed almost an impossibility. After implementing all that Ann has taught us, he jumped up to a 4th grade reading level and is steadily improving. We have learned the importance of using research based programs. They really work!

- Michelle, mother of a happy son who can finally read

Mrs. Sharp is the best! It was hard work but worth it. I feel better about my reading and I have good work habits because of the tutoring. And I went from a kindergarten level to a high third grade level in one year.

- James, 10

We were very lucky to find Ann when we moved to Las Vegas. My son, who had dyslexia, was struggling with reading. He was starting third grade and I worried that if we didn’t find something to help soon, he would struggle not only with reading but also with his self esteem for the rest of his life. Ann worked with him an hour a day and brought him up to a third grade level. He developed great work habits, found a tremendous increase in confidence, and discovered what it feels like to accomplish something great. The lessons he learned from Ann continue to drive him today when he is performing incredibly well in the 7th grade. I highly recommend her services.

- Patti, mother of a son with dyslexia

I have an 18 year old daughter, Hayley, who was diagnosed early on with learning disorders. We began early intervention through our school district and she has attended special education classes since, which have greatly helped. However, we wondered if she was ever going to be ale to read. She could recognize letters, but combining them and putting the sounds together remained difficult for her. Ann Sharp kindly offered to tutor Hayley, and after only a few months, she began to read! It was a miracle to us and we credit Ann and her methods of teaching reading with this success. Hayley now reads on a third grade level and she loves books. Not only is Ann an excellent teacher with the knowledge to know how to unlock the door to a child's reading ability, she is also a very nurturing person that truly cares about the individual. As a parent, I would highly recommend her.

- Jeanne, mother of a daughter
with learning disabilities who can now read
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